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iQuad is the reference!

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iQuad Mobile Application Conception

This mobile application was developed by Appcom, a mobile application development company. This digital agency company from Quebec, established in the region of Montreal, is specialized in Mobile Application Programing and Web Site Development "SEO" optimized (search engine optimization). They have worked on several projects with the FQCQ, including the interactive map.


The road partner for Quebec quad riders!

Developed by the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs de Quad, iQuad allows quad enthusiasts to fully enjoy their passion by offering them a robust and complete tool. iQuad allows you to display and browse all the quad trails accessible to FQCQ members. Its powerful GPS features will help you explore new paths without worries! From the palm of your hand, plan your route, including all detours you wish to take and once you are on the trails, pull iQuad out of your pocket and follow your progress of your itinerary! Search an address, check the status of the trails in real-time or preview your week-end itinerary. You will find endless uses for iQuad, all for on purpose, making quad in Quebec as pleasant as possible!

You will never take a quad ride without your favorite partner!


iQuad is a mapping application which allows you to access the most recent data on more than 25 000 km of trails marked and maintained by the Fédération Québécoise des Clubs de Quad.

  • Consult 25 000 km of trails
  • Plan your itinerary and even add detours
  • Determine the shortest distance between two points
  • Know your position and orientation at all times
  • View in real-time the state of trails (only available during Winter)
  • Locate yourself using the various services offered near the trails.
  • Search by address or by names (city, region, etc.)
  • Consult the date and time of groomer schedules


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